Our Core Values
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The Whole Team
Digital Fulfillment
Support Team
  • Account Executive
    Valerie Nielson
    If you got paid to do your favorite hobby, what would it be? Travel the world
  • Account Executive
    Tiffani Johnson
    When I’m not working, I love being outdoors, walking, bike rides, paddle boarding
  • Account Manager
    Telayna Cutchlow
  • Digital Project Manager
    Storm Sharar
  • Senior Vice President / Market Manager
    Steve Cottingim
  • Account Executive
    Scott Navarro
    Superpower I Wish I Had: Being a mom and dad at the same time.
  • Account Executive
    Scott Marsh
  • Senior Graphic Designer
    Sarah Jones
  • HR Business Partner
    Rachel Conrado
  • Account Executive
    McKenzie Bagnell
  • Account Manager
    Maria Lato
  • Promotions Assistant
    Madai Martinez
  • Digital Marketing Fulfillment Manager
    Lukas Catmull
  • Sales Ops Coordinator
    Lori Chance
  • Market Controller / Corporate Credit Manager
    Leslee Beard
    Superpower: flying
  • Digital Media Strategist
    Leah Lawrence
  • Account Executive
    Ken Gross
  • General Sales Manager
    Kelsey Tucker
    Favorite quote? “Everything happens for a reason.”
  • National Sales Manager
    Katy Brown Jones
    Most memorable Halloween Costume: Harley Quinn, I won an award for it!
  • Director of Special Events
    Karen Rufer
  • Digital Operations Manager
    Jessica Sa
  • Director Of Digital Media & Strategic Initiatives
    Jennifer Williams
  • General Sales Manager
    JC Swan
  • Director of Engineering
    Jason Ornellas
    Superpower: Invisibility & Teleportation
  • Account Executive
    Glenn Sides
  • Programmatic Media Buyer
    Drew Dahlberg
  • Office Manager
    Cindy Jordan
    Favorite Quote? Be the change you wish to see in the world. – Gandhi
  • Account Executive
    Chantelle Crowhurst
  • Director of Programming
    Chad Rufer
    Favorite quote? “The Only Way to Predict Your Future is to Create it Yourself”
  • Casey Uppinghouse
  • Bz6Xs7UM
    If you could get paid to do a hobby what would it be? Waterskiing
  • Account Executive
    Brian Hanratty
    Superpower: Dad Reflexes
  • Director of Sales
    Bill Louie
  • Digital Coordinator
    Austin Delaney
  • Account Manager
    Andy Villalpando
  • Promotions Assistant
    Amanda French
  • Project Coordinator
    Alexis Medina
    Favorite quote? Do something today your Future Self will thank you for.